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The Denison University Rowing Club is an organization dedicated to developing collegiate athletes that are competitive club rowers at the regional and national levels. Our club, currently located out of the Buckeye Lake Winery, practices in sweep and sculling boats to develop well-rounded rowers. Starting in the Fall of 2022, the team renewed its efforts to be a fast collegiate rowing club.

As a result of COVID-19, the team took a hiatus until the pandemic had passed. Now, as the team is rebuilding, we are continuously developing strong athletes that are looking to get back into the competitive rowing scene. Rowing is a sport that happens all year. There are competitive seasons in both the Spring and Fall, as well as indoor training in the Winter. During the Summer, despite not being at school, athletes are highly encouraged to participate in local clubs at home.

As a collegiate club program, Denison University Rowing Club competes in the Great Lakes Region of the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA).

Coaches Tim Binnig and Ivan Wehner have been spearheading the team's rebuilding efforts and have coached for clubs including Miami University (OH) Rowing Club, Ohio State University Rowing Club, Central Ohio Rowing, Westerville Rowing Club, and Great Miami Rowing Center.

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